How Do I Know I Need A New Roof

S&D Roofing offers you this handy checklist to determine if it's time for a new roof.

  • Roof more than 15 years old?
  • Shingles torn, missing or loose?
  • Shingles curled, cracked or blistered?
  • Shingles loosing their protective coat of granules?
  • Flashing (asphalt or metal sealant) damaged around vent pipes?
  • Caulking around flashing dry cracked or missing?
  • Any sign of roof leakage?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, please call S&D Roofing for a free professional roof inspection. If upon the roof inspection we find that your roof is in need of replacement or repair we will computer generate a detailed proposal there, on the spot, for your review.

S&D Roofing uses quality Owens-Corning™ shingles... engineered to provide exceptional value in material quality, performance and warranty protection. E-mail us now sales@sdroofing.com

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