OUR Process

In addition to hiring quality representatives, using superior products and guaranteeing excellent workmanship, S&D Roofing sets itself above the competition in many other ways.

For example, prospective customers receive free estimates including: full roof surveys with reports and recommendations for repair and renewal, detailed plans, and photographs or video of the roof to identify any defects.

All S&D recommendations are backed by the National Roofers and Contractors Association Waterproofing manual. At S&D Roofing we feel these process steps are important for you to understand how we will install a quality roof system.


S&D Roofing communicates constantly with the client, so that you don't have to worry about the status of your job. You will know how to reach the supervisor of your job twenty-four hours a day by telephone and pager.


Our staff of roofing professionals makes sure that your job proceeds on time and within budget through constant communication between the project supervisor and you, the client.


Our warehouse facility includes a large inventory of all required construction materials ready for your job.

Construction materials are delivered from the warehouse to the work site and stored on the roof to prevent damage to lawn areas and blockage of driveways.


During installation, our professionally trained installers follow detailed installation work-orders. Our crews take special precautions to protect your property during removal and installation of roofing.

During tear-off and installation, we utilize dump trucks to receive and remove old roofing materials instead of placing a dumpster on your site until the job is completed.


At the end of each work day, our crews take special pride in cleaning up the site. We even magnetically rake all the ground areas to remove any nails.

Post Job Inspection

Upon completion of the job, trained inspectors review the workmanship and prepare final reports.

At S&D Roofing, follow-up is the key to a successfully installed roof system.

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